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Dr. Wendy Labat


Vital Signs and Symptoms

We'll take a look at your current financial health. What areas are you experiencing financial symptoms: income, expenses, spending, financial disasters, etc.? Where would you like to see your financial health improve? Are your financial goals: to eliminate debt, increase assets, get tax-free retirement income, tax-free living benefits, residual income, create and transfer generational wealth, etc.? We'll provide you with the Financial Cures to get your finances healthy.


Diagnosis and Treatment

We'll review your financial health results, make a diagnosis, and prescribe a treatment that will get you on the road to recovery to optimize your financial health. The treatment will include preventive measures to keep your financial health in order and optimum condition.


About Dr. Wendy Labat

Dr. Labat has over 35 years of experience as an entrepreneur with expertise in the areas of financial & insurance services, tax preparation, business development, entrepreneurship, and creating generational wealth. She conducts  seminars, workshops, & private sessions to educate people about: Budgeting, How Money Works, Tax-Free Retirement Income, Living Benefits, How to Avoid the 5 Financial Disasters, & Building a Financial Legacy as well as other financial areas. 



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